Mountain Rescue Rope & Evacuation Skills

This technical manual is the official course book for CMC's Wilderness Technical Rescue Course, Alpine Rescue Course, High Angle Rescue Course and CMC's Rope Rescue Technician Certification. This manual can also be utilized by search and rescue agencies as a technical rope rescue reference.

  • Patient Evacuation Skills

    Learn how to properly package and manage a patient for prolonged, rugged technical evacuations in an over the bank or mountain environment.

  • Technical Rope Skills

    Learn and practice knots, anchor building, mechanical advantage systems, rescue lowers, tyrollean traverses and guidelines so you can evacuate your patient out of any low to steep angle environment.

  • Leadership, Teamwork and Communication

    Practice your leadership and teamwork skills during multiple field scenarios and skill stations in the accompanying 2 day field course.

Course curriculum

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Purchase Wilderness Technical Rescue E-Manual for an awesome rope rescue reference guide or as the official course book for Colorado Mountain College's Wilderness Technical Rescue Field Course

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